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GoDaddy Hosting vs Hostgator

Here is one crazy statistics when looking at which web hosting (email hosting or whatever other hosting requiring to use their servers), GoDaddy Hosting got 30% hate pages dedicated for them in Google result pages.

Hosting X Total Pages
About Host X
Total Hate Pages
About X
Hate/Pages Ratio
Hostgator 2,100,000 28,000 1 %
Godaddy Hosting 691,00 204,000 30 %

Time to switch to other reliable hosting such as Hostgator?

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The above fact is also the reason why you should have your website hosted by a company other than your domain registrar. A company can only do only one thing well. If they host, they cannot register domains. If they can register cheap domains, they most probably cannot host your web pages reliably.

So who is your daddy now? My suggestion is to switch to Hostgator and pay a penny by using the coupon code HGC25. If you find Hostgator also aren’t for you, just cancel and you don’t have any troubles of trying to get your money back.  Atleast, most pages in Google says they are way better than your GoDaddy hosting.

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