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ICDsoft vs Hostgator: Which is Better?

$0.01 vs $6 for 1st month

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On January 6, 2012
Last modified:January 6, 2012


Why Hostgator is Better: Can host multiple (addon) domain names. Choices of support via phone, live chat, and forum. Upgrade and hosting choices including reseller, VPS and dedicated plans. Try before you buy for a penny.

Why ICDSoft Is Better: Super fast online/ticket support. Servers are very stable - almost no downtime in our 7 years with them (due to them not overselling their packages).

Which to Choose: If you only have one website on only one domain name, want fast online ticket support, and want the highest uptime at $6/month or less, go with ICDsoft. If you want to host many websites and domains under one account, and wants to contact the support team via live chat, phone, fax or forum, then go with HG. If you are unsure of what you want, you can try Hostgator for only $0.01 using the coupon below.

Choosing the best web hosting can be frustrating and confusing. You want the best, but it can be difficult to choose between Hostgator and ICDSoft. I have used both ICDsoft and Hostgator simultaneously for over 5 years. Below is a breakdown of several aspects of each service to make your decision easier.

Most Popular Hosting Plans

Comparing the most popular of each company's shared hosting plan:

ICDSoft economy plan costs $6 a month and provides:

*1000 MB of disk storage space
*20GB per month of bandwidth
*5 domain parking
*Free site builder
*Billing annually or bi-annually
*Online control Panel

Upgrading to ICDSoft business plan at $10 allows for an increase to 50 domain parking but add-on domains are not allowed. Additionally, for that extra $4 ICDSoft provides 1000 GB bandwidth and 100,000 MB storage space.

Hostgator Baby plan cost $6.36 a month and provides:

*Unlimited disk storage space
*Unlimited bandwidth
*Unlimited domain hosting
*Free site transfer
*Billing options: 3 year term, 2 year term, annually, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly
*Free site builder
*cPanel provided with instant set up

So far, Hostgator is looking like the better option, but a lot depends on how much bandwidth and disk space you require. You need to keep in mind that cPanel, offered by Hostgator, is viewed as the industry standard. Also, consider how many domains you are planning to host and how often you prefer to pay for your shared hosting service. It is too early to make a decision yet because there are several more things to compare.

Web Hosting and Technical Support

When seeking customer support website owners view live chat as preferable to phone or email support from a web hosting provider. This is particularly true when the website owner and the web hosting company are located in different countries; expensive phone support may result in a rushed support effort that can be less than effective. The shared web-hosting provider's customer support Better Business Bureau's (BBB) rating is important as well.

ICDSoft Hostgator
*Email support available
*Ticket system
*Live chat support available 24/7
*Phone support
*Money-back guarantee enables tryout of service
*BBB rating-A

Hosting Support Comparisons

Do not stop, we still have a couple of more things to compare. Yes, it looks like Hostgator is definitely the better choice but you must leave no stone unturned in making this important decisions, so we need to keep investigating.

Variety of Hosting Plans/Upgrade Possibilities

Obviously, the more choices the better the possible fit; this applies many things including shared web hosting providers. Each of our possible candidates offer expandability and upgrade options. The more website hosting packages available the easier it is for your site to grow without adversely affecting your online presence. ICDSoft offers only shared web hosting with an Economy or a Business plan each of which has a reseller program.

The reseller program at ICDsoft is essentially a discount program where you can buy more plans at cheaper prices. On the other hand, the reseller account at Hostgator lets you create multiple cPanel accounts to resell to others. You pay only the initial price of the reseller account which starts from $20/month.

Hostgator, by comparison, features flexible hosting plan payments. It has shared, reseller, and VPS as well as dedicated server-hosting services. At a glance, here are what our two candidates for best-shared web hosting provider offer in plans after discounts and by applying some coupon codes (feel free to use the coupon codes below for your purchase).

Plan Payment Period Best Coupon to Use Total Savings
ICDsoft Economy Yearly ($72) - -
ICDsoft Economy 2 Years ($129.60) - $14.40
ICDsoft Business Yearly ($120) - -
ICDsoft Business 2 years ($216) - $24
Hostgator Hatchling Monthly ($8.95) FTPHOSTING $8.95
Hostgator Hatchling Semi-Yearly WEBSITELAUNCH $25
Hostgator Hatchling Yearly WEBSITELAUNCH $25
Hostgator Hatchling 2 Years SERVERHOSTING $35.70
Hostgator Baby Monthly ($9.95) FTPHOSTING $9.95
Hostgator Baby Semi-Yearly WEBSITELAUNCH $25
Hostgator Baby Yearly SERVERHOSTING $29.85
Hostgator Baby 2 Years SERVERHOSTING $53.70
Hostgator Baby 3 Years SERVERHOSTING $71.55

Take note that HG lets you try for almost free and gives more discounts if you pay in advanced. You also can take advantage of the above coupon codes for huge savings. You can pay on monthly basis if you cannot afford to pay a year in advanced. ICDsoft require you to pay minimum 1 year in advanced.

ICDsoft Sucks and Hostgator is Better?

Does this mean that ICDsoft sucks? Far from it. ICDSoft's customers swear by their customer service. They say that ICDSoft's online support ticket system provides both fast and knowledgeable service. Typically, their response time is measured in minutes and not in hours or in days. However, for those just starting out with web hosting, the lack of choice in how customer support service is delivered by ICDSoft may be a turn off.

Why I Like

Here is an interesting fact about ICDsoft. I always do a search for "X sucks" or "X problems" on Google for every host X (replace X with any hosting company) before I decide to host my sites anywhere. Most other big hosting companies including Hostgator, or even Godaddy, Hostmonster, Bluehost etc have some kind of hate-sites or nasty pages dedicated to them by some unhappy customers. Surprisingly ICDsoft doesn't have such thing!

Advantages of

I have been using ICDsoft for more than 6 years and still have an account left with them. I also have many other web hosting companies that I currently use for my clients. To be honest, ICDsoft hosting is the cheapest, and their customer support has answered my support tickets at the fastest times compared to all other hosts I have experienced. If you want something solid for one website or one domain name, at the cheapest price, ICDsoft can be the answer.

The problem with ICDSoft isn't that it does poorly in what it does. To the contrary it does very well as far as it goes. Nevertheless, there just are not very many options with ICDSoft when compared to Hostgator. For instance, they do not offer any accounts with unlimited domain hosting and offer few choices in hosting plans or payment options. Additionally, ICDSoft does not have cPanel as their control panel and offers no trial coupon.

Therefore, the question is not whether ICDSoft is good but is it better than Hostgator for your own hosting requirements? The answer, after looking at each hosting provider, can only be decided by you. As for me, I prefer Hostgator as I need many accounts for my many websites and domain names.

Hostgator, allows unlimited domain hosting, offers shared, reseller and dedicated server as well as VPS hosting plans; additionally it uses cPanel. One disadvantage may be occasional slow response time during live-chat customer service due to Hostgator's position as the most famous and popular hosting service.

So, which should you choose?

They are both good but with Hostgator you will have more options in every respect. The reputation of the BBB stands behind it; you have a large variety of plans from which to choose, a wide selections of payment options, and a several choices in how to communicate with Hostgator.


As a final incentive, your startup businesses qualify for a discount of either 1 cent for the initial month of service or a 25 percent discount (use above coupon) on their first invoice. So are you surprised that Hostgator turns out to be the better of our two candidates? I didn't think so.

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  1. Hah.. this was a great “review”.. I’m also using ICDSOFT with over 20 accounts and have been more than satisfied with their service. nice.

  2. I googled for “icdsoft sucks” just to see if anyone had ever complained about them. I’ve had a site hosted at icdsoft for nearly 10 years, and have never dealt with a company that provided such consistent quality in the area of customer support. My review here:

  3. I agree. I once sent in a customer support e-mail and got my reply in 5 mintues! I thought I was gonna have to wait for days to resolve the problem. ICDsoft definitely provided a really nice first-time hosting experience for me.

  4. I’ve been hosting my domain with ICDSoft since 2005 and it’s been nothing but great! They’ve also got the best control panel ever!

  5. Hahah!
    This was a new take on both what ‘to suck’ means (never thought it could be a good thing), and on how to use google results quantitively to assess quality 🙂

  6. Since 2002… I think all the postive comments are unfounded. my bed is still not made, laundry not done, no coffee on the table… but if we’re just sticking totheir service of hosting… they can’t be beat. fabled response time… no fable.

  7. Was recommended ICDSoft by a friend and nightmare experiences with WebHost4Life. So glad I made the switch–has been an excellent host.

  8. I agree with this article, I moved to ICDSoft a few small websites about 4 years ago and have nothing but great experiences. The few times I’ve had a question, they have come through with amazingly quick responses via their suresupport site, all of which met my satisfaction. Couldn’t be happier.

  9. Definitely Agree with everyone here.

    I’ve signed up everyone I know who wants a website with these guys.

    I was disappointed with a local host. I was recommended ICDsoft about 7+ years ago, and have never bothered going anywhere else.

    I’ve asked them 40+ support questions over the last 7 years, all of them have been resolved within 5mins, if they haven’t been able to answer immediately they have sent me a message saying they would do so. Most of the questions were about my site configurations, or problems with outlook etc.. rather than anything that has actually gone wrong with my site.

  10. ha, yeah, I’ve had my site on icd soft, and several others on icd soft, and I love it. totally consistent and a great price.

  11. Hey there, just wanted to offer another positive review for ICDSoft. I have jumped around between web hosts since the late 90s and when I started a business in 2008 I tried really, really hard to find a reputable host. I had never heard of ICDSoft but couldn’t find any bad reviews, which is usually easy to do. I was skeptical about the email-only support, but seriously, I’ve been amazed every time. I email them and I get a response within minutes, not hours. So now that my skepticism has been resolved, I have nothing but praise for them. Well priced, fast servers, nice control panel, etc.. There’s a lot of things I have to worry about when running a business, and my web host is the last thing I want to be thinking about. So ICDSoft wins big in my book.

  12. Just another review to say how impressed I am with ICDSOFT. Sometimes experience brief downtime with web and e-mail — but their support is unmatched for their price, or even compared to hosts charging 5 times as much. Best value for the price out there

  13. Can we get some websites to your URL’s guys ? Would be nice to see who’s who here and what’s really what. I’m considering this host and a nagging detail has cropped up to knock them off the list.

    Really frustrating with it. But in the process discovered something else that bugs me about them. They are supposed to be this and that and the other. All kinds of good.

    But then took me 40 back and forths with the renowned support … suresupport in bulgaria somewhere. To address a minor issue and truly I’m still not 100% as to resolution on it.

    So 3 dys and 40 emails later … Having invested a couple hrs typing with a several spiffy people in bulgaria. I’m still not sure about the resolution of what I couldn’t even believe would be an issue ?

    Interesting to say the least.

  14. The best hosting provider I ever tried. Unbelievable support, professionalism, customer satisfaction. I can just recommend them!

  15. Hands down the best hosting service with the best customer service I’ve ever used. Tried many in the past……. but since I found ICDSoft ages ago, I’ve never looked back. VPN’s can’t even match up to the support this team does for their customers. I have to agree with a few other posters.. when asking SureSupport (their support group) anything, I get an answer almost a few seconds later. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky with what I’m trying to do or figure out, but every single flipping time they are there to help. I don’t think I’ve ever offered them anything less than a 10 when completing my requests/needs/questions.

  16. great hosting service! Have had my site hosted with them since 2001. Only downside is the cost-space ratio, but the service and reliability sorta makes up for that…I still wish I was getting a bit more space tho.

  17. I’ve been using icdsoft for almost ten years. I have 30 accounts hosted there. I thought I’d check to see how they rank compared to others and I was very pleasantly suprised to find this review.

    I love the reseller pricing. I love the dependable service. I love Sure Support – the best service I’ve ever received anywhere – and that includes on cars, appliances, software, hardware. They’re great! Thanks for writing this review. icdsoft deserves it.

  18. I love ICDsoft, have about 7 accounts with them. Such great service all around! Awesome!

  19. Excellent support, reasonable prices – I have been a happy customer of theirs since 2002.

  20. Thanks for all these reviews, I am going to try them

  21. I agree with the sentiments posted here.
    Never had a problem in many years of hosting sites with ICDsoft, and the reseller panel is absolutely first-rate for administrating multiple sites, and probably the best in the industry.

    One my first strategies with new clients is to take over the process of choosing a host, and if they have already paid for hosting with another host, (godaddy is by far the most common; UGH!) I will migrate them to ICDsoft ASAP.

  22. Been with them since 2000..been rock solid and getting better. I see advertisements for cheaper rates but no one I can tell can compare to support like ICDSOFT. I had responses in less then a minute sometimes!

  23. i’ve been hosting with them since 2001, i’ve never had an issue that took longer than a few hours to resolve, even the most complicated issues like security certificates or spam mail blacklists troubleshooting are handled professionally and quickly.

    there are some minor concerns, not that they have ever caused me any problem. Their Primary and Secondary Name Servers are hosted on the same host, and their DNS hosting is (albeit tightly) integrated with enom which i don’t like, but this is all resolved with hosting DNS elsewhere.

    adding bulk recipients to a mailing list is a strictly manual process, which can be a real PITA, but i understand why they do that 🙂

    their control panel is powerful, and when you dig deeper, you’ll find things that you missed that are very useful. perhaps it’s the pale blue style sheet that doesn’t work for me..

    i’d recommend them fully, and have done for 20+ clients and for my own 6+ websites.

  24. lol – good one!! opted to check to see if anything had changed b/c like the op, i too look for bad reviews and found nada until seeing link for this site tonight which brought me right in here to read.

    had been with a few others that started off being fairly decent but after a couple years, the service usually went way south but this has not been the case with icdsoft. have been with them for very many years now and they still provide outstanding service in all areas so i am a very happy customer b/c it is not fun trying to locate a hosting provider and i highly recommend icdsoft to everyone!!

  25. I have been using ICD for years. But I am curious if there are any other hosting service that can beat them and I come to this page. Now I guess they are the best so far. The only thing that sucks may be that they have not yet provide vps / cloud service. Otherwise, I guess I would let them host my company server as well.

  26. ICDSoft has been my host of choice for 10 years. I’ve tried bluehost, 1and1, and godaddy but have never had the satisfactory service as ICDSoft – hands down the best service – even if it is only email only. I’m serious, they are friendly, knowledgable and VERY accommodating and helpful. No problem takes more than a hour or two to get resolved – if that long — and they have always worked with me to resolve my own issues. In all the years (and dozens of sites) I’ve only experienced a handful of outages – and they didn’t last long.
    They have me for life!

  27. Host more than 20 sites on ICDSoft for over 8 years and never regret about it! The best support service I ever experienced with hosting company!

  28. I have used ICDSoft since 2005 and currently have six websites hosted through them. I have had a very good experience over that period and don’t recall ever noticing or hearing of their servers being down. They have what it takes to run Joomla and other CMS and they keep their software up to date. As far as control panels go theirs is easy to understand and navigate. Their Suresupport faq’s and support ticket system works well. Responses are fast, to the point and well written. While you may not be able to call a number I prefer the support ticket system over wallowing around in a lengthy phone menu. I think the cost is pretty good for what you get.

    The link to this page (icdsoft-hosting-sucks.html) pops up in a google search on web hosting reviews and is misleading until you actually read the article.

  29. Our site was disabled, and we were told to leave. A warning and some assistance would have been preferable. We had our site checked for vulnerability, and found no issues. It seems to us that you did not want our business, and threw us off the server, instead of helping us make a smooth transition.

    We are disappointed in this service.

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, this post does not contain enough details (domain/account name), so that we can comment the particular issue.

      We would never suspend an account without very good reasons. Such reasons could be a serious and deliberate breach of the Terms of Use, or the account activity affecting other customers’ service and no other way to resolve the matter. We would never refuse assistance if we are able to provide such, and if the account is not related to illegal/not allowed activities.

      Best regards,
      ICDSoft Team

  30. I’ve used ICD Soft for so many years that I’ve lost track, and for many websites. After trying 3 or 4 other webhosting services, I found ICD Soft, and I haven’t had a problem yet! Even with hurricane Sandy hitting their servers in Boston, they only went down on a few servers for less than 5 hours! Plus, they posted updates about what was going on on their support website, and added more news every few minutes. I’ve sent in heat tickets to them dozens of times over the years, and they ALWAYS answer within MINUTES. They have helped me solve my thorniest problems with PCI compliance issues with my online businesses. They are GREAT!!!!!! THE BEST!!!! I’ll never use any other webhosting service! No other company I tried came close to this kind of service – some took several DAYS to get my websites back up even when there was no big disaster, just some kind of everyday glitch. ICD is faster in a hurricane than the other companies were in day-to-day glitches! They are amazing!

  31. I have used ICD Soft for over 10+ years with only one small minor issue on one ticket the person working as Support34 on 11/05/2012 told me this ” Please note that providing coding assistance is not a part of the regular support we offer. In this case, we made an exception for you.” I ask for help like this all the time and this is the first time anyone has sayed anything about it. Other than that 1 little thing i highly recommend ICD Soft.

    • Hello Eric and all,

      Thank you for your recommendation about our services. As per the case described – it was a matter with PHP coding/syntax.

      We try to assist our customers with anything we can, including help with third party software and coding/settings not related to our services. However, this is indeed not a part of a hosting support service, and we warn about this – not because we do not want to help, but because we might not always be able to do so. For example, it may happen that the matter is beyond our expertise. That’s why we prefer to inform customers that this is beyond the scope of a hosting service support, so that they are not surprised if the next time we are unable to provide help on a coding issue.

      Best regards,
      ICDSoft Team

  32. Crazy about Their response time is crazy fast! A client’s partner paid someone else to “make the site better” and they proceeded to transfer hosting to another hosting service and the site slowed way down. I also really don’t care for the infamous cPanel. Give me icdsoft any day!

  33. Dear Website.

    I have used ICDSoft for two years. The only thing is that they do not provide multiple domains and probably that is the reason they are the best. Let me tell you one thing. I live in Lahore, Pakistan. They are in Hong Kong. I have had several problems due to my education lacking in installations and other problems. For example, their support helped me resolve my WordPress and PHPBB forum problems when they were not supposed to. I, being far far away from them, not using their service currently, think that I should, whenever I can market them for free.And I am currently using hostgator because of multiple accounts option. Once you log into their chat, it takes at least 15 minutes to wait. They have pathetic hosting. I am using their business plan. I am thoroughly and utterly disappointed with them. They are the most pathetic company I have ever had the experience of hosting. For me, as an ICD Soft ex-customer, and i hope to become their customer some day again too, I think they are the best in their league of shared hosting. You cannot just beat them. I am wondering why haven’t you seen their latest service that they offer for VPS. Please update your blog post. I hope all those reading and comparing the two, have the right to know the truth. And I am telling you the truth. If I do not have other more important things to do in my life, I can dedicate at least 2 years marketing for them free of cost. This is all I want to say.

    Best Regards,




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