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ICDsoft vs Hostgator: Which is Better?

Choosing the best web hosting can be frustrating and confusing. You want the best, but it can be difficult to choose between Hostgator and ICDSoft. I have used both ICDsoft and Hostgator simultaneously for over 5 years. Below is a breakdown of several aspects of each service to make your decision easier.

Most Popular Hosting Plans

Comparing the most popular of each company's shared hosting plan:

ICDSoft economy plan costs $6 a month and provides:

*1000 MB of disk storage space
*20GB per month of bandwidth
*5 domain parking
*Free site builder
*Billing annually or bi-annually
*Online control Panel

Upgrading to ICDSoft business plan at $10 allows for an increase to 50 domain parking but add-on domains are not allowed. Additionally, for that extra $4 ICDSoft provides 1000 GB bandwidth and 100,000 MB storage space.

Hostgator Baby plan cost $6.36 a month and provides:

*Unlimited disk storage space
*Unlimited bandwidth
*Unlimited domain hosting
*Free site transfer
*Billing options: 3 year term, 2 year term, annually, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly
*Free site builder
*cPanel provided with instant set up

So far, Hostgator is looking like the better option, but a lot depends on how much bandwidth and disk space you require. You need to keep in mind that cPanel, offered by Hostgator, is viewed as the industry standard. Also, consider how many domains you are planning to host and how often you prefer to pay for your shared hosting service. It is too early to make a decision yet because there are several more things to compare.

Web Hosting and Technical Support

When seeking customer support website owners view live chat as preferable to phone or email support from a web hosting provider. This is particularly true when the website owner and the web hosting company are located in different countries; expensive phone support may result in a rushed support effort that can be less than effective. The shared web-hosting provider's customer support Better Business Bureau's (BBB) rating is important as well.

ICDSoft Hostgator
*Email support available
*Ticket system
*Live chat support available 24/7
*Phone support
*Money-back guarantee enables tryout of service
*BBB rating-A

Hosting Support Comparisons

Do not stop, we still have a couple of more things to compare. Yes, it looks like Hostgator is definitely the better choice but you must leave no stone unturned in making this important decisions, so we need to keep investigating.

Variety of Hosting Plans/Upgrade Possibilities

Obviously, the more choices the better the possible fit; this applies many things including shared web hosting providers. Each of our possible candidates offer expandability and upgrade options. The more website hosting packages available the easier it is for your site to grow without adversely affecting your online presence. ICDSoft offers only shared web hosting with an Economy or a Business plan each of which has a reseller program.

The reseller program at ICDsoft is essentially a discount program where you can buy more plans at cheaper prices. On the other hand, the reseller account at Hostgator lets you create multiple cPanel accounts to resell to others. You pay only the initial price of the reseller account which starts from $20/month.

Hostgator, by comparison, features flexible hosting plan payments. It has shared, reseller, and VPS as well as dedicated server-hosting services. At a glance, here are what our two candidates for best-shared web hosting provider offer in plans after discounts and by applying some coupon codes (feel free to use the coupon codes below for your purchase).

Plan Payment Period Best Coupon to Use Total Savings
ICDsoft Economy Yearly ($72) - -
ICDsoft Economy 2 Years ($129.60) - $14.40
ICDsoft Business Yearly ($120) - -
ICDsoft Business 2 years ($216) - $24
Hostgator Hatchling Monthly ($8.95) FTPHOSTING $8.95
Hostgator Hatchling Semi-Yearly WEBSITELAUNCH $25
Hostgator Hatchling Yearly WEBSITELAUNCH $25
Hostgator Hatchling 2 Years SERVERHOSTING $35.70
Hostgator Baby Monthly ($9.95) FTPHOSTING $9.95
Hostgator Baby Semi-Yearly WEBSITELAUNCH $25
Hostgator Baby Yearly SERVERHOSTING $29.85
Hostgator Baby 2 Years SERVERHOSTING $53.70
Hostgator Baby 3 Years SERVERHOSTING $71.55

Take note that HG lets you try for almost free and gives more discounts if you pay in advanced. You also can take advantage of the above coupon codes for huge savings. You can pay on monthly basis if you cannot afford to pay a year in advanced. ICDsoft require you to pay minimum 1 year in advanced.

ICDsoft Sucks and Hostgator is Better?

Does this mean that ICDsoft sucks? Far from it. ICDSoft's customers swear by their customer service. They say that ICDSoft's online support ticket system provides both fast and knowledgeable service. Typically, their response time is measured in minutes and not in hours or in days. However, for those just starting out with web hosting, the lack of choice in how customer support service is delivered by ICDSoft may be a turn off.

Why I Like

Here is an interesting fact about ICDsoft. I always do a search for "X sucks" or "X problems" on Google for every host X (replace X with any hosting company) before I decide to host my sites anywhere. Most other big hosting companies including Hostgator, or even Godaddy, Hostmonster, Bluehost etc have some kind of hate-sites or nasty pages dedicated to them by some unhappy customers. Surprisingly ICDsoft doesn't have such thing!

Advantages of

I have been using ICDsoft for more than 6 years and still have an account left with them. I also have many other web hosting companies that I currently use for my clients. To be honest, ICDsoft hosting is the cheapest, and their customer support has answered my support tickets at the fastest times compared to all other hosts I have experienced. If you want something solid for one website or one domain name, at the cheapest price, ICDsoft can be the answer.

The problem with ICDSoft isn't that it does poorly in what it does. To the contrary it does very well as far as it goes. Nevertheless, there just are not very many options with ICDSoft when compared to Hostgator. For instance, they do not offer any accounts with unlimited domain hosting and offer few choices in hosting plans or payment options. Additionally, ICDSoft does not have cPanel as their control panel and offers no trial coupon.

Therefore, the question is not whether ICDSoft is good but is it better than Hostgator for your own hosting requirements? The answer, after looking at each hosting provider, can only be decided by you. As for me, I prefer Hostgator as I need many accounts for my many websites and domain names.

Hostgator, allows unlimited domain hosting, offers shared, reseller and dedicated server as well as VPS hosting plans; additionally it uses cPanel. One disadvantage may be occasional slow response time during live-chat customer service due to Hostgator's position as the most famous and popular hosting service.

So, which should you choose?

They are both good but with Hostgator you will have more options in every respect. The reputation of the BBB stands behind it; you have a large variety of plans from which to choose, a wide selections of payment options, and a several choices in how to communicate with Hostgator.


As a final incentive, your startup businesses qualify for a discount of either 1 cent for the initial month of service or a 25 percent discount (use above coupon) on their first invoice. So are you surprised that Hostgator turns out to be the better of our two candidates? I didn't think so.