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How to Turn Off Group Notification Sound on WhatsApp and Increase Your Productivity

WhatsApp, if used properly can be a great tool to connect us with friends and family. Most importantly, it is cheaper and easier that sending text messages via telco. The biggest problem with Whatsapp is it can reduce your productivity. Out of your eight hours day at work, the rest of your time at home and even during your bedtime, addiction to chat or even to check the notification beep from WhatsApp can be unproductive. If you work on a PC at work or at home, because precious time is spent moving from one platform to the other, catching up on where you were and then in no time, you are back, distracted again.

How to Turn Off The Distraction

From what I noticed, most of the nuisance came from Whatsapp groups. If you are getting a message from an individual friend, he or she will stop sending messages when you stop to respond. However, a Whatsapp group will keep going and going and can become a menace with the beeping and vibrating.

So the solution to be more productive, turn off Whatsapp group notification.

Here is how.

Silencing Whatsapp on ANDROID group without leaving the group

To turn off the new message notification sound for Whatsapp group only and leaving all the other notification sound on.

From Whatsapp go to Option -> Settings – > Notification

Under Group Notification Tab you will see Notification Tone select it and choose Silent. Thats it .

Silencing Whatsapp on iPhone group without leaving the group

  • Choose the group you want to mute
  • Click on Custom Notifications
  • Turn ON Notifications
  • Switch Alerts to OFF

Enjoy Your More Productive Life

Whatsapp is the biggest thing to happen to messaging. Everyone knows about it and it has a couple billion users. You do not want to leave your groups but you can ignore them and come back only when you want to. Take back the control of your life.