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Why Hostgator Hosting Sucks and ICDsoft is better

Battling to choose between Hostgator or ICD Soft? Comparing hostings to host your next website? Considering Hostgator vs others? How good is Hostgator hosting compared to other hostings? In my previous post on Hostgator and Hostmonster Sucks, but ICDsoft is Okay, I mentioned about the alternative method to find the best hosting for your personal blog or business. However, I over simplify the analysis by just looking at the first "search engine result page".

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If you search for "ICD Soft Hosting Sucks" on Google, the first result pages will show only good reviews, despite the keywords that we use. Basically, 0/10 pages listed will say bad things about ICDsoft. On the other hand, doing a "Host Gator Hosting Sucks" search on Google will return 9/10 hate-pages about Hostgator and only 1 good (or neutral page) review page.

Does that mean Hostgator should be avoided totally? Not yet. I over simplified my analysis to not look at the big picture. I did not look at the total pages that talks about both hostings on the internet. Hostgator has 10 times more pages on Google thus probably has bigger volume of complaints too.

Hosting X Total result pages
about Hosting X
Number of
Hate Pages
Hate Ratio
Hostgator 2440 28 1.14
ICDsoft 208 0.5 0.24

The numbers above are in "thousands".

From the above analysis, the ratio of hate pages for every result page indexed by Google still says that there are less complains about ICDsoft than Hostgator. So the choice now is more obvious, ICDsoft is better than Hostgator.

But people say Hostgator is the best web hosting

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  1. bull. hostgator is way more popular, more users use them. Thats why they get some complaints too, but most people are very satisfied with them.

  2. That is what I am saying. The percentage of people satisfied with Hostgator is less than those hosted at ICDsoft although the absolute number is bigger. Look at the ratio or percentage of the “suck” pages over the overall pages about them on Google.

    If you just want to host one website need basic storage/bandwidth, ICDsoft is a good deal given the price.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have accounts at Hostgator too because they offer certain things better than ICDsoft such as unlimited add-on domains, huge diskspace, bigger bandwidth, usage of cPanel etc.

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